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    Post, surrounding community leaders sign MOU agreement to promote various events

    Fort Knox and area community leaders signed a memorandum of understanding during a community partnership meeting Tuesday at Fort Knox’s Camp Carlson that formalized a collective commitment to bolster support of one another’s leisure/well-being activities through publicity efforts as well as coordinated and complementary event scheduling.

    Randy Moore, the director of Fort Knox’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, said the MOU was signed as a community partnership agreement with several municipal county, city, parks, recreation programs and other associations in the leisure and travel business to provide an opportunity to collaborate together.  Read More...

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    • CST Advanced Camp undergoes significant changes

      Cadets from universities across the nation will soon converge onto Fort Knox for Cadet Summer Training. Some will attend the Basic Camp while others will attend the Advanced Camp. But this year attendees of the Advanced Camp will be evaluated differently than previous years.

    • After 51 years Marines say 'thank you' to Army pilot for saving their lives

      On May 12, 1966, at 10:30 a.m., 13 Marines were searching in Vietnam for a "lost patrol"--12 of their own who had lost radio contact. Instead of finding the patrol, the service members were nearly ambushed and killed when met with enemy gunfire. However, an Army pilot--unknown by that group of Marines for 50 years--was out flying another mission and made sure that didn't happen.

    • Preparation for CST continuous for range control

      As the summer months approach so will cadets for Cadet Summer Training. While CST is truly a year-round process it begins almost as soon as it ends for Fort Knox Range Control.

    • Installation to open new DFACS to accommodate influx of cadets, cadre

      When about 12,000 cadets from colleges across the nation descend on Fort Knox this summer for Cadet Summer Training, eight dining facilities will open to accommodate them as well as the more than 5,000 cadre.

    • Black Jack Pershing responsible for Army's G-4

      Media coverage of the 100th anniversary of America's entry into World War I highlighted one of the many reasons Gen. John J. Pershing is so well-respected. He led the nearly impossible transformation of the Army during the first overseas war. In a couple of short years, the Army grew from a 100,000-person ill-prepared military, with no reserves, into an organized force of 4 million Soldiers who helped the Allies defeat the Axis powers.

    • Summer good time to focus on mental health

      May is National Mental Health Month. For some people that four-word phrase might have a negative connotation. However it can be a positive one if we focus our attention on ways to enhance the emotional and psychological aspects of our lives. With summer right around the corner it's a great time to plan time to focus on your mental health.

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