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Fort Knox Operational Status: NORMAL Road Conditions: Green
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    Bus driver doesn’t let time stop her

    “Mornin,’ Miss Doris!”
    Doris Davis smiles at the young lady as she enters the Fort Knox bus company site – right on time for a new school day.
    “Mornin’,” she replies, offering a smile that has become a hallmark around here.
    The pleasant exchange continues as she moves through the building — clocking in, checking the women’s bathroom, setting up her daily log and verifying her route: then out the building.
    In the parking lot, Davis kicks the tires of her bus, checks the oil, and walks down the aisle inside looking for anything out of place — any safety violations. She goes down a checklist and logs into a phone app that will monitor her movements. She ensures everything is right.  Read More...

    Around Fort Knox

    Fort Knox turns 100 years old

    Fort Knox has just realized a major milestone, as this year marks the installation’s centennial.
    In recognition of 100 years of Camp/Fort Knox, here is what The Gold Standard readership can expect in newspaper editions this year:
    A weekly section on page A3 titled “Fort Knox Rediscovered,” highlighting interesting historical moments and facts related to Fort Knox. The content will be presented in chronological order throughout the year with the aim to give readers a sense of “walking through time.”  Read More...

    Community Information Exchange

    • The Community Information Exchange is held the first month of each quarter.
    • Date: January 30, 2018
    • Location: Saber and Quill
    • For more information about dates & time, location and agenda go to the CIE page.

    Army Suicide Prevention

    To contact the Military Crisis Line, call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 when prompted.

    Visit the Army Suicide Prevention Program website.

    Safety & Environment

    Installation Safety Office

    Visit the Installation Safety Office pages and learn more about the Fort Knox safety program.

    Environmental Management Division

    Visit the Environmental Management Division pages and learn more about Fort Knox environmental programs.

    Sexual Harassment Assault Response & Prev

    Fort Knox SHARP
    Phone: (502) 851-3779
    View Website

    Call the Telephone Helpline at

    View website at

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