To assure the safety and health of America's Soldiers and civilian workers by setting and enforcing standards; providing training, outreach, and education; establishing partnerships; and encouraging continual improvement in workplace safety and health.

Contact Information

Fort Knox
Installation Safety Office

Fort Knox, KY 40121

Fax: 502-624-2297


Report Unsafe Actions

Ammo / Explosive Safety
Telephone: 502-624-4305
DSN: 464-4305

Motorcycle Safety Program / Accident Reporting
Telephone: 502-624-4303
DSN: 464-4303

MWR Safety / Child Youth Services Safety
Telephone: 502-624-4407
DSN: 464-3381

OSHA Compliance / Hazard Communication Program
Telephone: 502-624-4407
DSN: 464-4407

Radiation Program / Respiratory Protection & Fit Testing
Telephone: 502-624-4305
DSN: 464-4305

Range Safety
Telephone: 502-624-1519
DSN: 464-1519