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Category: Miscellaneous

What: The Military Child of the Year® (MCOY) Award celebrates and recognizes the tremendous achievements of seven outstanding military children, one from each branch of service and a special Innovation Award sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton.

Who: Each year, 500+ children (ages 13-18) are nominated by a parent, teacher, mentor or guardian. Nominated candidates for the MCOY Award demonstrate resilience, strength of character, and the ability to thrive in the face of the challenges of military life.

When: April 18, 2019 - The Awards Gala is held every April during the Month of the Military Child.

Award Winners: MCOY winners receive a $10,000 cash award, a laptop computer, and are flown with a parent or guardian for a 2-night stay in Washington, D.C.

Nominations accepted September 13—December 5, 2018. Ages 13—18 are eligible.

Nominate an outstanding military child today at