Submitted by: Knox PAO

Category: Environmental

Please be aware this is the time of year for white-tailed deer to give birth and fawns may be found alone on areas of the installation. It is important to know that if a fawn is found to leave it alone. Many people think when they find a young fawn hiding in the vegetation it has been abandoned; this is far from the truth. Young fawns survive by having very little scent and hiding very still in cover to evade predators. The doe will leave the fawn alone for extended periods returning periodically to nurse.

If a person sees a fawn hiding (often you can walk right up to it) they should leave the area and do not disturb the animal in any way. Aside from potentially causing the mother to abandon the fawn, it is illegal to possess or harass all species of wildlife without a permit, and potentially dangerous. If a fawn is picked up it must be cared for in captivity and only licensed wildlife rehab centers are authorized to possess wildlife. Rearing a wild animal in captivity is very time and cost intensive.

Please do wildlife a favor and do not try to "help" the young of any species. Nature and the natural parents are much better at caring for wild offspring than humans are.

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