Soldier For Life - Retirement Services Office (SFL-RSO)


Soldier for Life-Retirement Service Office (SFL-RSO) provides quality service, guidance, and information to Soldiers and their Families transitioning from active duty to retirement. SFL-RSO assists Soldiers and spouses in making a clear and concise Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) election. SFL-RSO also continues to provide service, updates, and guidance to all retirees, spouses, former spouses, and their children.

Retirement Processing

To provide quality control during your retirement process, it is recommended that you contact the SFL-RSO to schedule an appointment to discuss your transition from the Army.

Retirement Applications

Pre-Retirement Briefing

  • Pre-Retirement Briefings are conducted the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 1300 in the classroom of building 1379. NCOs and Officers who are planning to retire within 18 months are encouraged to attend. Valuable information is provided for planning purposes from the Retirement Services Office, Small Business Administration, TRICARE, and Education Center. Spouses are encouraged to attend. For information pertaining to this briefing call (502)624-7017/2691

Career Status Bonus Briefing

  • CSB Briefings are conducted the 2nd Friday of each month at 1300 in building 1384, Room 103. NCOs and Officers who have reached 14 1/2 years of active service and LTCs who sign the DD Form 2839: CSB Election Form are encouraged to attend this briefing. For information pertaining to this briefing call (502)624-7017/2691.

Survivor's Benefit Plan (SBP)

  • You must have your completed Survivor's Benefit Plan (SBP) DD Form 2656: Data for Payment of Retired Personnel to process with finance. If you do not have the SBP forms, call the Soldier For Life- Retirement Services Office at (502) 624-4315/4641, for information. If you choose to decline or receive a reduced amount of SBP coverage, call the Soldier For Life- Retirement Services Office at (502) 624-4315/4641 for information.


  • All payments disbursed by the Fort Knox Finance office will be in the form of Electronic Funds Transfer to your financial institution. This applies to both travel, except requests for Government Transpiration Request GTR, and final separation payments. Cash payments will NOT be made. You will need both the SBP and DA Form 31: Request and Authority for Leave . If your retirement check will be going to a different bank, you will need to bring a completed SF 1199A: Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form . If you have any questions concerning your pay or leave, you contact the Finance section at (502) 624-6416.

Travel Pay

  • Dislocation Allowance and Temporary Lodging Expense (DLA/TLE) is not authorized for this final move. If you come here Temporary Duty (TDY) (have a DD Form 1610: Request and Authorization for TDY Travel of DoD Personnel ) you will not receive any travel pay from this facility, it will be done from your unit. You will NOT be paid for advance travel or dependents coming with you to process. For travel pay questions call (502) 624-8546.

Education Center Clearing

  • DoD requires all Soldiers to clear the Education Center. You may clear them before or after you report to the SFL-RSO. They are located in building 1174, at the corner of Dixie and Spearhead Division Avenue. [This is optional for Army National Guard and Active Guard Reserve (ARNG/AGR) Soldiers.]

Regular Army Officers Only

  • The Officer Record Brief (ORB) only has the school title and year listed. You will be asked to provide the length of the course and the month of completion also. If possible, please bring the following to assist in completing the DD 214: Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty:
    • Activation orders
    • Certificates for schools and awards not listed on your ORB

Required Documents

DD 214 Review

  • The DD 214: Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty is a very important document; therefore, it is our recommendation to safeguard the form as you would any vital papers, such as a will or marriage license. Copy number 4 of the DD 214 is essential for establishing unemployment insurance claims.
  • It is Army Policy that all transition processing be completed prior to Soldiers departing on Permissive TDY and/or Transition Leave. You will be given copy number 4 of your DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) when you depart the Soldier For Life Retirement Services Office.

Filing a Claim or Disability

  • If you want to file a claim or disability, take your health and dental records to a Veterans Affairs (VA) representative in your area and they will help you to fill out a claim form after you have completed your physical. Do not let them keep the records. A coversheet will be put on your records that will tell the VA where to send your health and dental records. If there are no VA representatives in your area, contact (502) 942-3970. If you want copies of your health and dental records, please make them BEFORE you arrive. (Blank forms are also available.)

Retiree Events & Information

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Department of Veteran Affairs

Calculate Retirement Pay

  • Final Pay (Eligible if DIEMS before 8 September 1980)
  • High Three (Eligible if DIEMS between 8 September 1980 and 31 July 1986)
  • CSB/REDUX (Eligible if DIEMS on or after 1 August 1986)

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