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The overall goal of the Housing Services Office is to implement and maintain highest quality of worldwide relocation services that is innovative, comprehensive information and support when Soldiers and families relocate. The HSO goal is to move the bar up on the quantity of and quality service provided. The HSO is intended to accelerate the services and performance to meet the changing needs of our demanding customers.

Fort Knox On-Post Housing has been privatized with ACTUS LEND LEASE and thus KNOX HILLS LLC was formed. Knox Hills LLC owns, operates and maintains all family housing on-post and can handle all your on-post housing needs. Please visit their Website at http://www.knoxhills.com or call (502) 799-6550.


Off-Post Housing

Before renting, leasing or purchasing a home off-post you must, per AR 420-1, visit/contact the Housing Service Office (HSO).

The overall goal of the Housing Services Office is to assist Soldiers and their families who wish to reside off-post by providing comprehensive local housing information/listings and support services. They also provide local community information on school districts and county planning and zoning/housing regulations. Your HSO Office can help you choose: Temporary lodging, a permanent home – rental or purchase, whether to buy a home and how to go about it, and money and time saving ideas for your move. The HSO staff can help you avoid scams, unreliable realtors and unsuitable rentals. They can also assist when you find yourself dealing with any of these situations/issues.
The HSO is located in Building 1383 Vine Grove-Chaffee Road or you may contact them at (502) 624-3548/5824, fax (502) 624-4089. Also please visit www.AHRN.com, the Army Housing Referral Network website that provides local listing of homes for sale, rent or lease. The site indicates which properties have been approved by HSO staff. These properties have been placed on the website by realtors, property managers, and individuals.


General Housing Information

For general housing information please contact the RCI Office located in Building 1110B, 3rd floor, Room 325. Phone number is (502) 624-7009, fax (502) 624-7104.


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Contact Information

Housing Services Office
1383 Vine Grove-Chaffee Road
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

Telephone: (502) 624-3548
Telephone: (502) 624-5824
DSN: 464-3548/5824

RCI Office
Bldg 1110B, RM 325
Telephone: (502) 624-7009
DSN: 464-7009