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The Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC) - Fort Knox [904th Contracting Command Battalion (CCBN)] provides Army Commands, Installations, and Activities with disciplined and responsive contracting solutions and oversight. On order, deploy the 904th CCBN and provide trained, deployable Contingency Contracting Teams (CCT) to the Operating Force.



Ensure customer requirements are executed in a timely manner and that contractors deliver, and customers receive, quality goods and services to meet the needs of the Soldier. To ensure outstanding customer support we will develop top-notch professionals.



  • Provide prompt, friendly, and professional service at all times.
  • Treat customers and contractors with dignity and respect.
  • Recognize customer needs and strive to improve services.
  • Achieve socioeconomic and competition goals.
  • Establish overall Total Army Quality environment.
  • Pursue productive Army Community of Excellence program.
  • Promote community relations.


Additional Information


Mission & Installation Contracting Command
199 6th Avenue, Bldg 1109
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

Fax: (502) 624-5869/7165

Telephone: (502) 624-8046
DSN: 464-8046

Contracts Division
Telephone: (502) 624-8072
DSN: 464-8072

Contract Management Division
Telephone: (502) 624-8043
DSN: 464-8043

HR Solutions Division
Telephone: (502) 624-4947
DSN: 464-4947

Competition Advocate
Telephone: (502) 624-8161
DSN: 464-8161

Small Business Specialist
Telephone: (502) 624-0171
DSN: 464-0171

Agency Program Coordinator (GPC)
Telephone: (502) 624-4254
DSN: 464-4254

MICC FOIA Requests
Telephone: (502) 624-4451

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Updated 15 October 2014