Business & Operations Branch


The Fort Knox Network Enterprise Center (NEC) Business and Plans Division manages internal and external business processes, and provides a focal point for all organizational planning and current and future operations.


Enhance and enable the delivery of C4IM services by effectively managing the organizations business and operations processes.

Contact Information

Branch Chief: 502-624-6320


Fort Knox
Network Enterprise Center

75 Sixth Avenue
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

Telephone: 502-624-6320
DSN: 312-464-6320

Fax: 502-624-1967

Customer Support
CONUS Service Desk
(formerly AESD)

Telephone Support
Telephone: 502-624-3338
DSN: 312-464-3338







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Updated 2 May 2018

Fort Knox Information - (502) 624-1000

Fort Knox Installation Operations Center - (502) 624-2707