Soldier For Life - Retirement Services Office (SFL-RSO)


Soldier for Life-Retirement Services Office (SFL-RSO) provides quality service, guidance and information to Soldiers and their Families transitioning from active duty to retirement. SFL-RSO assists Soldiers and spouses in making a clear and concise Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) election. SFL-RSO also continues to provide service, updates and guidance to all retirees, spouses and their children.

RSO Services

Retirement Processing

To provide quality control during your retirement process, it is recommended that you contact your unit S-1 for assistance with retirement request submission.

Retirement Applications

Pre-Retirement Briefing

  • Pre-Retirement Briefings are conducted the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 1300 in B1 classroom of building 1384. NCOs and Officers who are planning to retire within 18 months are encouraged to attend and it is mandatory for NCOs and Officers retiring within 12 months. Valuable information is provided for planning purposes from the Retirement Services Office, Small Business Administration, TRICARE and Education Center. Spouses are encouraged to attend. For information pertaining to this briefing, call (502) 624-4315.

Online Pre-Retirement Briefing for Remote Soldiers

Survivor's Benefit Plan (SBP)

  • Call the Retirement Services Office at (502) 624-4315/4641 to schedule your SBP appointment no later than 60 days prior to your retirement/final out date. If you are married and your spouse is in the local area, they must attend with you. You will need to provide all dependents information (SSN, DOB, date of marriage), direct deposit information and divorce decree (if SBP was awarded to a former spouse).

Finance Briefing

  • This briefing is held Monday, and Wednesday through Friday. Tuesdays 1400 for remote Soldiers in classroom B1 in building 1384. The leave balance sheet received during this briefing must be turned into the Retirement Services Office.

DD 214 Review

  • You will have the opportunity to review the DD Form 214 Worksheet in our office during your SBP briefing appointment. You will need to turn in copies of your DD Form 2648 from SFL-TAP and your leave balance sheet from the finance briefing. If there are awards, military education courses or foreign tours NOT on your ERB/ORB, you will want to bring the documents with you so we can add them to your DD Form 214.

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