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How Can Benefits Delivery at Discharge (Pre-Discharge) Help Me?

  • The Benefits Delivery at Discharge Program is offered to accelerate receipt of VA disability benefits, with a goal of providing benefits within 2 days after release or discharge from active duty. The Benefits Delivery at Discharge Program (BDD) allows a service member with at least 90 days, but not more than 180 days, remaining on active duty to file a VA disability claim before separation. BDD Program requires a minimum of 90 days to allow sufficient time to complete the medical examination process (which may involve multiple specialty clinics) before separation from service.

How Do I Get Started?

What Else Should I Know?

  • The BDD Program is a time-sensitive process. To receive your VA disability benefits within the goal of 2 days following separation, you must submit your claim 90 to 180 days before your release or retirement from active duty. This time is needed to complete your medical examinations before you leave your point of separation and to adjudicate your claim. If you are between 89 and 1 days to separation from service, you can submit a claim however it will not have priority processing and will be process after separation from active duty.

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  • Telephone: (502) 942-3970 or (502) 942-8063

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