Devices and Services


Devices Section

Here at the Devices Section we have skilled craftsmen dedicated to producing realistic training devices. Whether it's an exact replica of an M1A2 tank or a mock-up of an AT-4 Rocket Launcher, we can make it happen! We even have our own Plastics Shop to produce multiple units from molds made in the shop. So remember, if it's made from plastic or wood, the TSC Model and Device Shop can build it for you!

  • Data Boards
  • Graphic Products (Training purposes only)
  • Models & Devices
  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Terrain Boards

Services Branch

The Services Branch at TSC-Fort Knox supplies you with the resources needed to help accomplish your training goals. Our inventories include the latest tactical engagement devices, gunnery training equipment, and a whole arsenal of training aids that can be issued to you. Services Branch includes the three sections listed below.

  • GTA
  • MILES Equipment
  • Training Aids & Devices

Contact Information

Fort Knox
Training Support Center

Training Support Officer
Telephone: (502) 626-2804

Work Orders / Admin
Telephone: (502) 624-1013

Property Book
Telephone: (502) 624-3684

Services Branch
Telephone: (502) 624-2963
Telephone: (502) 624-4946
Telephone: (502) 624-2244

Device Fabrication
Telephone: (502) 624-5762

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Updated 1 November 2013