Criminal Law Division

The Criminal Law Division provides legal advice to commanders at the U.S. Army Cadet Command and at units in its AR 5-9 support area regarding military justice, disciplinary, and adverse administrative matters. This includes government representation for special, special-BCD, and general courts-martial, administrative elimination actions, and for representation at U.S. Federal District Court for felony, misdemeanor, and traffic offenses committed at Fort Knox. The Division provides instruction to all units on Fort Knox for military justice matters, in addition to providing certified instructors to the Armor School for instruction on military justice and laws of land warfare. Each basic training company receives its mandatory training on military justice, the DOD policy on homosexual conduct, and the new fraternization policy from a member of this Division. It further provides instruction to units, as requested, on topics including, but not limited to, the Law of Ware, Trainee Abuse, and the Legal Aspects of the Army Urinalysis Program.

The Division is also designated and responsible for the Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) for USAARMC and Fort Knox, HQ, USAREC, and other commands under this general court-martial convening authority's jurisdiction. The Victim Witness Liaison Officer serves as facilitator and coordinator for the VWAP and primary point of contact through which victims and witnesses obtain information and assistance in securing available services.

Contact Information

  • HQ, United States Army Cadet Command
    Fort Knox, KY 40121-5000

    Telephone: 502-624-6378 or 502-624-3582 or 502-624-2853
    DSN: 312-464-5378/3582/2853

    Fax: 502-624-5550 or 502-624-2488

Criminal Law Division Information Papers

Contact Information

Fort Knox
Office of the
Staff Judge Advocate

U.S. Army Cadet
Command & Fort Knox
Bldg 1310
50 Third Avenue
Fort Knox, KY 40121

Fax: 502-624-2488


Administrative Law
Telephone: 502-624-7414
DSN: 312-464-7414

Tort Claims /
Medical Affirmative Claims
Telephone: 502-624-2934
DSN: 312-464-2934

Personnel Property Claims
Telephone: 502-626-3000
DSN: 312-536-3000

Criminal Law
Telephone: 502-624-2853
DSN: 312-464-2853

Legal Assistance
Telephone: 502-624-2771
DSN: 312-464-2771

Soldier's MEB Counsel Office
Telephone: 502-624-2603
Telephone: 502-624-2310
Telephone: 502-624-2423
DSN: 312-464-2603/2310/2423

Trial Defense Service
Telephone: 502-624-4417
DSN: 312-464-4417

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Updated 29 December 2015