Volunteer Income Tax Assistants (VITA)

The Tax Center is always looking for qualified volunteers to participate as Volunteer Income Tax Assistants. If you have prior income tax preparation experience or are otherwise interested, the Tax Center relies upon volunteers like you to help Soldiers and their families. In order to prepare returns under the VITA program, all volunteers must be certified by through the Internal Revenue Service after undergoing training.

Benefits for Volunteering

  • Training
  • Knowledge/Education
  • Helping your Community
  • Self Gratification

Please contact the Army Community Service Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator at 502-624-6291 or 502-624-8391 for more information.

Contact Information

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Office of the
Staff Judge Advocate

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Command & Fort Knox
Bldg 1310
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Fort Knox, KY 40121

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Updated 29 December 2015