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The Sergeant Audie Murphy Association identifies and selects Noncommissioned Officers whose leadership achievements and performance merit special recognition. The SAMA is a means of recognizing those NCOs who have contributed significantly to the development of a professional NCO Corps and a combat ready Army. Members exemplify leadership characterized by personal concern for the needs, training, development and welfare of Soldiers and concern for families of Soldiers.

The TRADOC SAMA is a privilege earned by a few exceptional noncommissioned officers. All Active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard NCOs in the ranks of Corporal through Sergeant First Class assigned to Fort Knox are eligible for SAMA.


Sergeant Audie Murphy Association Packet


Sergeant Audie Murphy Association
Fort Knox Chapter

Telephone: 502-624-5681

Vice President
Telephone: 502-613-5285

Telephone: 502-613-5753

Telephone: 502-613-4034

Public Affairs
Telephone: 502-626-2337

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Updated 11 March 2016