Family Readiness Program


What is the Family Readiness Program Mission?

  • Family Readiness is a critical issue for the Department of Defense. The Family Readiness Program provides support to the individual Service Member and their family to successfully balance life, career and mission events. This support is provided through proactive outreach and intervention using Official Communication, Information, Referral, and deployment Readiness Support. This support is extend to the entire family unit and includes children, spouses, parents and other extended family members.

Why Family Readiness?

  • Family Readiness assists military Families by providing the support and assistance they require, allowing Soldiers to focus fully on their missions.

Who can participate?

  • Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate. This can include parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, fiancees, children and more. If you are interested, we’d love to have you.

Why Family Readiness Group (FRG)?

  • The significance of a properly operated FRG is that it allows deployed and non-deployed Soldiers to remain informed and mission focused while their Families’ well-being is sustained. FRGs are organized at company level so each company in a unit should have an FRG. The benefits of a FRG include:
    • Mutual support and care for Family Members which helps family members feel connected to the unit and its mission.
    • Peace of mind for Soldiers that their families are well cared for.
    • Timely Command information flow and response.
    • Referral to Community Services and Resources.
    • Army Success: Enhance Family readiness and deployment preparedness, increasing unit readiness for military missions.

What can Family Readiness do for YOU?

    • Provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance to help families solve problems at the lowest level.
    • Act as an extension of the unit in providing official, accurate command information.
    • Provide a network of communication among the Family members, the Chain of Command, the Chain of Concern, and Community Resources.

What is an FRSA?

  • FRSAs are Family Readiness Support Assistants and they provide support to the unit commander to accomplish all Family Readiness functions. FRSAs are not volunteers or FRG leaders and they report directly to the unit commander or his/her designee.

Who are the Fort Knox Family FRSAs?

  • The FRSAs are a vital link between the unit Commander, the Families assigned to the unit, and the community resources available to the Soldiers and their Families. The FRSA serves as the Commander’s advisor on the unit’s Family Readiness Group (FRG) program. This individual performs a variety of clerical and administrative duties in support of the Commander and volunteer FRG leaders. The FRSA contributes to combat readiness by promoting efficient and effective communication between the Command, FRGs and all Family members.
  • FRSA Contact Numbers

United States Army Family Readiness Group

eArmy Family Messaging System

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Updated 8 January 2016