Installation Inspection Program

Conduct Installation Physical Security inspections, staff assistance, surveys in accordance with regulations. Advises commanders, directors and unit personnel on all physical security requirements. Conducts preoccupancy inspections of new and leased facilities. Assists with deployment/ redeployment assistance in support of mission. Determines facility entry control requirements for MEVA/ HRT. Conducts MILCON reviews, DD 1391, attends charrettes. Conduct physical Security training, and maintains restricted area designated facility documents. Advises and coordinates with Anti-Terrorism and Garrison ATO.


Physical Security Chief
Telephone: 502-624-1713

Guard Chief
Telephone: 502-624-8471

Visitor Control Center (VCC)
Access Control
Weapons Registration
Telephone: 502-624-7011
Telephone: 502-624-7019

Inspection Program
Telephone: 502-624-3085
Telephone: 502-624-4780
Telephone: 502-624-4788

ICIDS/IDS Program Manager
Telephone: 502-624-1911

Alarms Monitor
Telephone: 502-624-2443

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Updated 21 Feb 2018