Risk Reduction Program

The Risk Reduction Program (RRP) is designed to decrease Soldiers' high-risk behaviors (HRB) thus increasing Soldier and mission readiness. This program focuses on effective use of installation resources and coordinated efforts between commanders and installation agencies to identify high-risk behavior patterns and to implement effective interventions.

The Risk Reduction Program offers commanders several management tools such as “Shot Groups” and the Commander’s Risk Reduction Dashboard (CRRD). These tools track, assess, and act on a number of Soldier high risk behaviors; Deaths, Accidents, Injuries, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Suicide Gestures and Attempts, Absent Without Leave (AWOLs), Drug and Alcohol Offenses, Traffic Violations, Crimes Against Persons and Property, Spouse Abuse, Child Abuse, Financial Problems, Chapter Eliminations, Courts Martial and Disciplinary Actions. This program places prevention resources on the identified high-risk behaviors and assists in maintaining Soldier and unit readiness.

The Risk Reduction Program Coordinator works in concert with the Army Substance Abuse Program and Installation Prevention Team (IPT) staff to implement, facilitate and coordinate the Risk Reduction Program policies. The IPT is composed of many installation base agencies to assist the Soldier population. The RRPC collects and analyzes data in relations to high risk behaviors. Issues analyzed provide command with possible resolutions to unit high risk behaviors.

The Risk Reduction Program also offers the Unit Risk Inventory (URI) and the Reintegration Unit Risk Inventory (R-URI). These surveys are anonymous questionnaires designed to screen for high risk behaviors and attitudes that compromise unit readiness. The URI is administered to the unit no later than 30 days prior to deployment or to non-deploying units annually; the R-URI is administered to redeploying Soldiers 60-180 days after redeployment. The results of the URI/R-URI will be used to adjust training and prevention efforts within the unit to reduce high-risk behaviors. The URI is also a great tool for incoming commanders to assess the climate within their new unit.

Sample Tools

This visual shot group report allows commanders to see where their units challenges are at a quick glance.

The Commander’s Risk Reduction Dashboard (CRRD) provides Battalion and Company Commanders with reports on Soldiers with risk events and the risk event status of newly-arrived Soldiers. Company Commanders must gain approval for access from Battalion Commanders. CRRD can be accessed at https://crrd.army.mil/ Risk Reduction POC (502) 624-5679.

The Complete Risk Picture

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Updated 8 Feb 2018