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The Plans and Operations Branch strives to execute efficient deployment and redeployment processing procedures for Soldiers, Civilians, and Contractors that provides commanders qualified individuals to support their Wartime mission. We also strive to develop comprehensive and effective contingency plans for the Directorate that support the Garrison Commander’s ability to manage crisis.

Services provided include:

  • Planning, installation staff agency coordination, and execution of Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) and Reverse Soldier Readiness Processing (RSRP) for Active Duty and Reserve Component units, individual Soldiers, Department of the Army Civilians and contract personnel.
  • Oversees operations of the SRP facility.
  • Validates deployment and redeployment processing requirements.
  • Provides planning and execution for deployment manifest operations.
  • Serves as the installation level system administrators for Deployment and Reconstitution Tracking Software (DARTS).
  • Manages the installation deployment tracking database.
  • Develops contingency plans for the Directorate of Human Resources.

General Information

There are four types of SRPs that are conducted on Fort Knox:

  • In-Processing SRP: conducted simultaneously as the Soldier in-processes through the installation.
  • Annual SRP: unit commanders will schedule with this office 60 days prior to the desired SRP date. When scheduling keep in mind that deployment SRPs will take priority if there is a conflict.
  • Predeployment SRP: commanders, whose unit has been identified for deployment, will schedule with this office no more than 120 days and no less than 90 days prior to actual deployment date.
  • Deployment SRP: unit commanders will schedule with this office no earlier than 60 days from the scheduled unit deployment date. Soldiers on individual taskings will report to Bldg 1378, Room 115 no earlier than 60 days prior to their schedule report date to CONUS Replacement Center (CRC) or gaining unit as identified on their tasking.

All Soldiers being reassigned on a Transition Team tasking must complete SRP between 45-60 days from their report date to Fort Riley. This SRP must be completed prior to clearing the installation.

Soldiers who are scheduled to report to the CRC, Fort Benning are encouraged to visit the CRC Website at in order to find up to date information, such as packing lists, prior to their arrival. Additionally, all Soldiers who process through the CRC are required to obtain a Training Certification Memorandum signed by an O-6 or above.

All Soldiers are required to complete RSRP upon redeployment. Units will process IAW Fort Knox Regulation 600-8-101. Individual Soldiers will report to Bldg 1378, Room 115 on the first duty day after deployment. Reverse SRP must be completed within 10 days and prior to any post deployment leave.

Contact Information

Plans & Operations Branch
Rockenback Hall, Bldg 2020
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Branch Chief
Telephone: (502) 626-2675
DSN: 536-2675

Mobilization Specialist
Telephone: (502) 626-2676
DSN: 536-2676

Operations Technician
Telephone: (502) 626-2678
DSN: 536-2678

Operations Assistant
Telephone: (502) 626-2679
DSN: 536-2679

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Updated 2 May 2019