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The mission of the Training Support Center (TSC) – Fort Knox is to provide training products and services to Active Army, Army Reserves, National Guard, ROTC, and authorized non-military users. Our award winning device and model builders create top quality training aids on an individual basis to meet specific requirements. The Services Branch at TSC provides worldwide distribution of armor-unique training devices, as well as special projects directed by TRADOC.

We at TSC-Fort Knox invite you to come with us as we enter the 21st Century. It is our goal to provide all our customers worldwide, with the finest state-of-the-art training support available anywhere. If we do not have what you need in our inventories, we can either make it or acquire it for you. Regardless of your training needs, the team at TSC-Fort Knox is here to help. We hope you contact us soon. Remember, the Future is NOW!

Contact Information

Fort Knox
Training Support Center

Training Support Officer
Telephone: (502) 626-2804

Work Orders / Admin
Telephone: (502) 624-1013

Property Book
Telephone: (502) 624-3684

Services Branch
Telephone: (502) 624-2963
Telephone: (502) 624-4946
Telephone: (502) 624-2244

Device Fabrication
Telephone: (502) 624-5762

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Updated 1 November 2013