Community Relations

The Community Relations Office (CRO) works with the local communities, assisting in strengthening the partnership between citizens of Fort Knox and the local community.

The CRO helps arrange visits for organized groups that want to come to the installation. Requests for speakers, Soldier participation in community events and displays of military equipment are coordinated through the CRO.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Fort Knox
Public Affairs Office

125 6th Avenue
Building 1110-B, Room 226
Fort Knox, KY 40121

Telephone: 502-624-4985
DSN: 464-4985


Media Relations
Telephone: 502-624-3051
DSN: 464-3051

Community Relations
Telephone: 502-624-0150
DSN: 464-0150

Fort Knox News Staff
Telephone: 502-624-1095
Telephone: 502-624-1097
DSN: 464-1095/1097

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Updated 14 Nov 2017