Mission Statement

Our mission is to safeguard and preserves Army resources Soldiers, Family members, Army Civilians, and Contracted Employees with the use of an effective risk management processes. The Installation Safety Office guides, supports and instills safety with three key elements, Engaged Leadership, Responsible Employees, and Committed Team-Mates, for mission and activity incident reduction and accidental loss of governmental property.

“Each Individuals Safety Culture Preserves And Improves Our Way Of Life”…

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Safety Links

Basic Rider Course / Basic Rider Course II / Intermediate Drivers Training
Remedial Drivers Training / Military Sports Bike Rider Course


Contact Information

Fort Knox
Installation Safety Office

197 6th Avenue
Building 1109 Room 314
Fort Knox KY 40121


Report Unsafe Actions

Safety Director
Telephone: 502-624-3381
DSN: 464-3381

Ammo / Explosive Safety / Radiation / Accidents
Telephone: 502-624-4303
DSN: 464-4303

Safety Compliance
Telephone: 502-624-4407
DSN: 464-4407

Army Traffic Safety Training Program
Telephone: 502-624-3141/4407
DSN: 464-3141/4407

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Updated 7 Sep 2017