42nd Clearance Company

CPT Aaron J. Beattie
1SG Jason B. Cowman


The 42nd Clearance Company on order deploys in support of unified land operations worldwide, to execute route and area clearance operations by providing assured mobility, freedom of maneuver through neutralization manufactured and improvised explosives.


The 42nd Clearance Company was constituted on 21 July 1944 as the 2813th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Company. Following multiple inactivations, the 42nd Clearance Company received assignment to the United States Army Berlin Brigade on 1 September 1963. The unit served in Germany for over 30 years. The 42nd inactivated in 1994.

On 16 February 2010, with only three Soldiers and a guidon, the 42nd Clearance Company activated in Bamberg, Germany as USAREUR’s sole RCC. The company deployed to Ghazni Providence, Afghanistan on 18 February 2012 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Over 12 months, the 42nd Clearance Company conducted 546 missions, clearing over 30,000 KM of road. They engaged in 57 Small Arms Fire attacks, cleared 64 IEDs, and suffered 17 IED strikes. These actions resulted in 138 Combat Action Badges, 6 Combat Medic Badges, 15 Purple Hearts, 6 Bronze Star Medals for Valor, and receipt of the 2012 Itschner Award for being the Best Engineer Company in the United States Army Active Component.

The company inactivated on 15 October 2013 from Germany, where they were assigned for three years under the 54th Engineer Battalion.

The 42nd reactivated in Fort Knox, KY on 16 October 2013 under the 19th Engineer Battalion.

Awards & Honors

The 42nd received two campaign streamers in the European Theatre for service in the Rhineland and Central Europe, as well as one streamer in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre during WWII. It also received a Superior Unit Award streamer for its efforts in 1993 and 1994. In 2012 the unit received the 2012 Itschner Award for being the Best Engineer Company in the United States Army Active Component.


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