Delivery of Bids and Proposals

Bids and proposals in response to solicitations are to be delivered to:

  • MICC Center - Fort Knox
    Bldg 1109B, Ste 250
    199 6th Avenue
    Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121-5720

Bidders/Offers are cautioned to ensure their bids/proposals are received at MICC Center - Fort Knox NO LATER THAN the time and day indicated in the solicitation, and all amendments to the solicitation have been acknowledged.

Please note that the MICC Center - Fort Knox will not accept faxed bids or amendment acknowledgements, unless specifically allowed in the solicitation itself. It is the Bidders responsibility to ensure they carefully read the entire solicitation package.

Note:"CONTRACTOR NOTICE" – Effective Sep 1997, you must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) in order to obtain solicitations, awards, or payments for goods or services provided to the Department of Defense. If you need to register in SAM, visit


Mission & Installation Contracting Command
199 6th Avenue, Bldg 1109
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

Fax: (502) 624-5869/7165

Telephone: (502) 624-8046
DSN: 464-8046

Contracts Division
Telephone: (502) 624-8072
DSN: 464-8072

Contract Management Division
Telephone: (502) 624-8438
DSN: 464-8438

Specialized Division
Telephone: (502) 624-8069
DSN: 464-8069

Competition Advocate
Telephone: (502) 624-8161
DSN: 464-8161

Small Business Specialist
Telephone: (502) 624-3400
DSN: 464-3400

Agency Program Coordinator (GPC)
Telephone: (502) 624-4254
DSN: 464-4254

MICC FOIA Requests
Telephone: (502) 624-4451

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Updated 5 Feb 2018