Freedom of Information Act Requests


How do I file a FOIA request for contract information?

Label your request “Freedom of Information Act Request” within the request letter and address the request for “contract” information to:

  • MICC Center - Fort Knox
    Bldg 1109B, Suite 250
    199 6th Avenue
    Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

Within your request for acquisition-related information under FOIA, you must state your willingness to pay for any applicable fees associated with the request, include a complete postal mailing address, and phone and fax number (if you have one).

Describe the specific records that you are requesting in enough detail so that they can be located. State the contract number and/or solicitation number and the type of contract. For requests for acquisition-related material, those documents generally are found within the contract file. Many requesters ask for voluminous documents when, in fact, they are seeking very specific information about a contract, therefore, please state what you are requesting.

Email your requests only to MICC FOIA at, or contact (502) 624-4451 for additional information.

Note: Please see the sample FOIA request letter.


For additional information regarding Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, please review the FOIA page.


Mission & Installation Contracting Command
199 6th Avenue, Bldg 1109
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

Fax: (502) 624-5869/7165

Telephone: (502) 624-8046
DSN: 464-8046

Contracts Division
Telephone: (502) 624-8072
DSN: 464-8072

Contract Management Division
Telephone: (502) 624-8438
DSN: 464-8438

Specialized Division
Telephone: (502) 624-8069
DSN: 464-8069

Competition Advocate
Telephone: (502) 624-8161
DSN: 464-8161

Small Business Specialist
Telephone: (502) 624-3400
DSN: 464-3400

Agency Program Coordinator (GPC)
Telephone: (502) 624-4254
DSN: 464-4254

MICC FOIA Requests
Telephone: (502) 624-4451

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Updated 15 October 2014